Interior Design

The Concept is a very important starting point for a new project. It allows us to demonstrate our thoughts on what overall design aesthetic would be best suited to your project. We collate inspiration image and concept finishes to visually communicate our suggested design direction.

As we all know, kitchen are the heart of the home, they are a place we all gather, cook, drink, and eat. A stunning kitchen is achievable, even on a budget. Sometimes simplicity it key to beautiful design. With the correct selection of finishes and layout we can help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

Bathrooms have become a truly special room in the house. We see many trends coming and going, so it can get very tricky and confusing choosing which tiles, fittings, fixtures, layout etc to choose. You want your space to be timeless, and also reflect your personal style, wants and needs. Through concepts boards, floor plans and elevations we can plan out the vision for the space and make the correct decisions for that space.

Everything your builder needs, in one tidy package. Documentation is an important aspect of Interior Design, this allows us to play out with interesting and unique layouts specific to each and every project. Floor Plans, Elevations and Reflective Ceiling Plans allow builders or architects to have a set in stone plan to build off. Our Documentation Plans show the selected finishes, fixtures, and measurements for your space.

If you’re after new flooring for your home, wether is be Timber Floorboards, Carpet, Tiles but don’t know what would be best for your space, this is where our expert advice can guide you to make the correct choice for your home. With the vast majority of paint colours, this can become overwhelming to chose the correct colour for your home, we will make sure to guide you and execute a cohesive interior look and feel.

Lighting can truely make or break a space. There are many considerations to make when specifying the correct light fitting for each and every area of a home. We are not afraid to think out of the box when it comes to lighting and lights fittings can be pieces of art. Each fitting adds character and personality to a space and often frames a room and makes that space feel complete.

Many people feel nervous about custom joinery, however depending on the piece it can truely transform an area to feel bespoke, and really achieve the style you are after. Sometimes ready made furniture items don’t fit the space perfectly. We will measure the space, design the joinery item and get quotes for each specific piece.

Interior Decoration

Every project starts with a concept. After we have met and gathered an idea of your style, wants and requests for your project, we create your Concept. Your presentation is a visual of inspiration images, it demonstrates the suggested style unique to our clients, concept Finishes & Furniture are suggested and overall look and feel is communicated in the Concept Presentation.

With the saturated market of furniture stores, it can be an overwhelming task to choose the correct furniture items for your home. Trying to achieve a cohesive theme throughout your home is also a task in itself. Whether it be a just a few pieces of furniture or a whole refresh of a few different spaces, we will specify all furniture items and put together a personalised mood board to give a visual presentation of our suggested furniture selections.

Another element which is key to making or breaking a space. The scale and size of your furniture pieces is detrimental to your space.

We will give recommendations of layout and quantity for each area of your home, and place these items on a floor plan to makes sure each item specified sits perfectly within the area we are working on.

Artwork can sometimes be a very personal choice, however, we get to know our clients, so this makes our job easier specifying amazing pieces that will reflect your personality – and most importantly inject a wow factor into your home.

The beautiful things. Rugs bring so much life to a room. They create a zone that allows for a harmonious devision between multiple spaces. Wether is be open plan, or individual rooms, rugs create warmth, softness and also have much needed acoustic properties. Not only are they practical, but they look incredible and tie everything together. Accessories do the same, they help set a mood, bring some glamour and lift up a spaces aesthetic qualities. The final styling with accessories ties the whole space together.

Everywhere you look there is colour. You can escape it, and unfortunately sometimes you want to escape it. Colour can be very trend based, which in turn means the colour can date. If you feel your space has fallen in to this category, we have all the suggestions of how you can bring your space back to life. We aren’t afraid of using colour if it is planned and executed beautifully.

What a transformation window coverings achieve. There are endless options to choose from, and each having their own purpose dependent on the space.

Curtains have the lovely affect of softening a room, whilst also having the practically to block out light. Roller blinds allow for a sleek hidden option, and shutters a little more of a wow factor allowing light to pass through whilst looking stunning. Each window needs to be carefully thought out and executed with the appropriate window treatment.


Simple, effective and appealing changes made to areas of the home that are dated. A cosmetic renovation is that of making aesthetic changes through materials, finishes and fixtures whist not touching the structure of your home.

For example this would be replacing old floor boards, re-tiling, replacing a kitchen bench top, new light fittings, new skirting & cornices and so on. All cosmetic changes add value to your property.

This is where we are adjusting the existing layout of a home to make it more user friendly and practical. With a structural renovation walls, doors, windows are moved to create a flow throughout the home making each space more livable.

It is important to have solid plans to work off whilst renovating. Nothing can be up in the air, otherwise that’s where budget can blow out and things don’t turn out the way you wanted. We construct Floor Plans, Elevations, Electrical Plans and detail every aspect of your renovation. Our builders love our plans and say it makes their life so much easier.

We have a team of fantastic tradies that we work with to get the job done. We communicate our designs with trades to make sure everyone is on the same page. We have regular site visits to check the quality and execution of the design. Most importantly we follow the project through to completion and give our tradies a huge high 5 at the end.

Wether is be a Cosmetic Reno or a Structural, we will source items catered specifically to your budget, and suggest where the most bang for your buck would be beneficial. Through finishes and design plans we create spaces that are truely breath taking and reflect our clients needs.

The elements which tie the perfect renovation together. Having a cohesive look and feel throughout your home is so important. From street appeal to your back yard we can give suggestions on what would best suite the interior of your home. Including plant suggestions, exterior colour suggestions, exterior and interior styling services to create your dream home.

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